March 30, 2018

unmissable Fiverr services for Real Estate Investors

There are many things to do in the operation of the real estate business.

I’m not just talking about basic knowledge, such as…

Looking for a deal

Responsible investigation

Analysis number



improve performance

Get the goods sold

Indeed, these are giant parts of the successful operation of real estate business, but the fact is that these things do not account for half of what we must do.

When you think of everything that is typical of a real estate investor in a week – thinking about how many “small things”, strange projects and one-off work are crazy… Most of us don’t have experts in and / or no time to do it.

The good news is that there are some great online markets that can help us accomplish some of our tasks. If your work doesn’t happen frequently (or you don’t know how to do it), but you still need to finish it, you should be familiar with a website called Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a huge online market that helps companies find freelance services suitable for their budget and timetable.

When the website was first launched in 2010, the original concept was to provide jobs and services at the price of 5 US dollars.

Now, most services of Fiverr may start from this scope, but the final price will usually exceed that amount. Even so, your final payment is still cheaper than most other online services you found today, so Fiverr is a good source of resources, especially if your goal is to find a good helper as little as possible.

What can you use Fiverr?

In my business, I hire Fiverr freelancers to do various things. From dubbing service to webpage design to list sorting help all contents — this website provides you with any imaginable help.

If you spend a few minutes thinking about the biggest service gap in your business, what are some areas that you have long neglected? It may not be difficult to think of six areas. You need quick help.

If you are still not sure how such a service can play your business, I’ll show you 8 simple examples of how this online market can help you.

List sort service

If you are carrying out direct mail activities against the tax bill, one of the biggest trouble you must deal with is to clear up the data and sort out the list.

Some counties will provide fairly easy to deal with lists, but some other counties will provide a total list of messy lists (if they will provide them).

If your list is not properly formatting, or clearly demanding meticulous work to solve the problem, I strongly suggest that you spend a few dollars to prepare for all of your heavy work (when you find a freelancer for a good job, you can go back to them again and again).

Remember, in order to do the job correctly, it’s important that you can explain how you want to organize the list, and also to ensure that all the basic data is actually included in a certain location in the list.

This can be a good way to make use of people who can save your time and frustration. According to the size and complexity of the list (and the expertise of the people you employ), I usually plan to pay 50 to 100 dollars for this kind of work.

Dubbing service

In the real estate investment business, the most common use of dubbing services may be to create a professional level voice mail message (a lot of information I rely on in the business). You can also hire this kind of help to become the voice of the whiteboard commentator video, and even to explain the real estate list video.

Now, if you have confidence in your voice and have the ability to provide clear and clear information – then you may not be able to help – but if you have any doubt or lack of confidence in your information with your voice (or if you just want your caller / audience / audience to hear your own voice), Fiverr‘s Voiceover service can become a complete work. A great solution.

Every time I hire these jobs in Fiverr, even though I work quite extensively, I pay between 25 and 50 dollars. It’s not a bad deal!

Logo design

If a company’s logo is well done, it can bring a lot of value and credibility to new potential customers and potential customers on the company’s website or social media platform. Similarly, when the logo is not well done, it may even hurt your credibility before you talk with you, and scare away potential customers.

There are all kinds of places for high quality emblem designed for your company, and many of these resources will provide high quality final products, but the price is not necessarily “cheap”.

If you are looking for a sign that will not exceed you 100 dollars, Fiverr is a good shopping place to see what kind of help you can see.

Website design and customization

A great web site can work wonders for your business – but if you use an online platform like WordPress (or other complex online platforms), changing and customizing your web site (or first creating it) may be the main job, and the feeling of the general is completely at a loss.

Fiverr has a group of professionals who can do anything for the production, development and design of your website.

Whether your website is running on WordPress or other platforms, you can find a lot of help on the website, so that it can be adjusted and customized.

The final price of this kind of work may be comprehensive (depending on many factors), but most of the website projects I employ are between 50 and 200 dollars.

SEO services

It’s one thing to build your website, but the other thing that is completely aimed at the website is really attracted by the target audience.

If you once thought your website would be completely ignored – lost in the endless ocean of other websites on the Internet, it might be time to employ some search engine optimization services.

In 2011, I hired some search engine optimization help for the first time, which is one of the most critical changes in my online business. I can generate free online TONS on my purchase website. If I don’t get the right help to achieve it, it will never happen. If you can use more organic traffic, finding a talented SEO expert can be a way.

I would say that SEO has changed a lot in recent years. Five years ago, work may not play the same role today, but it can still make significant difference especially when you are from scratch.

Search engine optimization can be a one-time job (if you just need to do some quick web reviews and make some basic changes to let the search engine know where you are), but if you want to see obvious results, it usually takes a number of months to continue. For most of the search engine optimisation experts I’ve been using, the cost per month is about $100 to $200, and the scope of the work ranges from 1 to 6 months.

Local list and advertising release

Craigslist has always been the most effective medium for me to sell my real estate, and the fact that it is free is also important.

The only drawback of Craigslist is that it needs constant attention to update your ads and republish them to keep your list’s highest exposure.

One way to relieve this headache is to find someone on Fiverr who can do this for you. There are all kinds of freelancers who are willing to do this work at a reasonable price (far less than your time is worth it).

If you need another pair of hands to complete this task, this performance is absolutely worth a try.

Video production

If you have entered the field of real estate video advertising, there can be many Fiverr available to you.

Any video production may require a variety of small work. Everything from editing, background music, closing subtitles, video presentations and more.

Fortunately, Fiverr provides solutions for almost all the problems encountered in the video production process – so if you haven’t started looking for help on your video on this site, it’s a good time to start now!

Writing and proofreading

Word can be very powerful. The language we use to communicate with the audience can create crazy fans for life, just as they can distract, distract and drive them away from business.

Whether you need to write the real estate description, email to your buyer list, the content of your website’s blog, or any other content related to your business, Fiverr can help.

Even the best writers need a lot of help to improve their words. So why should you pretend that you are different? If this is the area you need help, please stop struggling and start looking for some useful help in this department.

The great thing about Fiverr

The best thing about websites like Fiverr is that you don’t make long-term commitment to your employees — you are hiring a freelancer.

You may find that some of the people you hire will do good work, some of them will be out of date.

The beauty of the system is that when you are in trouble, don’t hire them anymore. Go back to the Fiverr market and find other people until you find the results you want. Once you have found some gemstones, you can continue to hire them again and again for your future projects.


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