March 30, 2018

The ultimate guide to outsourcing on the Fiverr

The outsourcing with Fiverr is much like drinking. When done properly and moderately, it can be awesome!

Now, if you drink, mix beer, wine, and white wine all day, problems arise.

Is this a bit extended? Maybe.

My point is: Fiver should be careful and use it to do its thing. Although it is a great choice for some tasks, it is not the solution for everything.

Fiverr Introduction
Fiverr is a very common outsourcing network that can make good use of your money or definitely waste your time and energy.

I didn’t say waste of money, because if a show doesn’t meet the standards, you can get your money back, but you can’t get time and energy.

When I started to develop my first business, I was a big fan of Fiverr. Many of these are related to the fact that I can’t afford other things, and I don’t know many other options. However, it is very cool.

After buying dozens of different performances such as logo design, dubbing, recording, data input, image editing, website design, and even hand-drawn comics (I don’t ask), I have comprehensive knowledge of things that tend to work and things that I don’t know. Learn on Fiverr.

I even sold Fiverr to write a comedy show so I saw both sides.

I wasted a lot of time at the Fiverr concert and I wanted to help you avoid this situation.

Is Fiverr suitable for your job?
Fiverr is great, but it’s far from perfect. Due to its ability to pay and easy to start, many guide entrepreneurs trying to use everything in Fiver.

They want to make logos, launch websites, make copywriting, perfect sales pages… Unfortunately, Fiverr is not the best choice for all of these areas, and you may end up paying more and wasting a lot of time.

You need to understand what Fiverr is and what it is not.
Fiverr is…

…Find a good place for basic work or very specific technical expertise.
This is a good choice if you have time-consuming, low-level missions.
If you have a clear job description, including details, schedules and examples, this is a good choice.
… suitable for one-time or infrequent performances.
Fiverr is not…

…where you outsource and save every task you have.
If you have very important tasks and deadlines are not flexible, this is a good choice.
If you have an open show that requires a lot of originality and self-directed work, then this is a good choice.
…is good for work in progress or daily work

Assess your mission and your choice

Before deciding whether to use Fiver, you should ask yourself the following 7 questions.

#1 “Is my time better elsewhere?”

This may be a task. If it is easier to explain than others and it is just a one-time repair, then you should do it yourself. Don’t be afraid to dirty your hands from time to time. For outsourcing, there is a huge difference between effective outsourcing tasks and outsourcing.

Basically, don’t spend 20 minutes explaining the 10-minute task that you can do on your own. This seems to be common sense, but once you develop the concept of “I must outsource or I am inefficient,” you may not notice such a logic error.

If this is a repetitive task, you should outsource if your time is worth more than the price paid to freelancers.

#2 “If the seller fails to deliver as expected, is the task flexible enough to lose time?”

Unfortunately, many performances are especially basic for $5. The reason is that many Fiverr(ers) do not plan to work for $5, they only need to perform when they purchase additional software.

Although I will not blame them for not working for $5, I will blame them for misusing the internet. If you do not plan to work at the advertised benchmark price, please do not advertise. I know better now, but many new buyers find it difficult to learn this. Unfortunately, this is very common.

Never rely on Fiverr sellers (you don’t know) to deliver at high risk. If you hold a demo on Friday and it’s Wednesday, I wouldn’t believe that Fiverr sellers will create them for you before Friday, even if you purchased a 24-hour upgrade. Remember, there are many flaky shows.

#3 “If this is not done correctly, can this be harmful to my business?”

Some work like search engine optimization and brand management should never be done at a low price. Many times, amateurs claim to be able to complete these tasks and ultimately damage the customer’s search rankings, and even worse, the credibility of their brand. Your brand is worthy of extra costs for professionals, and it may make Google paralyzed. Use discernment here and be careful about who and what you trust.

You should never outsource SEO on Fiverr!

You should only pay for this trusted professional. While many search engine optimization fixes are simple, doing them incorrectly can weaken your search engine rankings.

#4 “Is this task detailed and easy to explain?”

How much time is needed to explain this show? Consider how much time is needed when you inevitably have to explain the task again. Don’t buy performances until you are absolutely sure what you really need and what you need to do.

#5 “Is this task rarely needed?”

If this is a task you often need (at least several times a week), then you may be better able to learn how to do it yourself, and then hire someone to do it regularly at a fixed rate. I use to accomplish this task.

I suggest that you learn how to do it yourself because it will make it easier for you to understand expectations, how long it should take, and how much you should pay. Of course, there is a good route, you do not need to learn iOS programming before outsourcing application development, but if you use a lot of new websites, you should learn how to set up the DNS server correctly.

#6 “Does this improve my brand?”

I know that people can hardly use the dollar to allocate the value of a task, but you should adapt to this. If this is something that will not build your brand or make you money, don’t buy it. Is this simple?

You should never buy subscribers, like or share

From a profitability point of view, this is not just a waste of time (consider whether these fake users will participate in and may purchase your product or service?), but they are easily regarded as spam and may affect you The rankings on the various platforms or worse, undermine the credibility of your brand. Build your right way. Organic and at a reasonable speed.

#7 “Is this already listed as a service on Fiverr?”

If you need a performance, it’s best to work with someone who has a good track record. If your performance is not requested, there may be a reason. Either way, you need to take a little risk to hire someone who has no work experience.

If I need to create a new show from scratch, I usually don’t use Fiverr. This is not one of their advantages. If you use a website like, you will get better applicants faster.

Fiverr alternatives
If you need to complete the same task every day…

Solution: or hire your own personal assistant from a similar website. Fiverr asks you to re-order the performances that are in progress, so this is not the most logical choice for determining what you need every day. In addition, if you are looking for an agency type assistant, check out

If you need a large project and need a lot of input…

Solution: You should collaborate with serious freelancers on large projects. You will spend more money, but the value will be very worthwhile. You will save time and effort and you will get a better end product. I recommend or for larger projects. Do not compare Fiver’s price to the price of these sites, and it is really “Apple Orange” in terms of quality. If someone on Fiverr wants to build your entire software/website/etc. 10% of other sites costs and run away!

Note: There are many poor freelancers on these websites. You need to narrow your search to more qualified applicants. Hiring a bad freelancer on one of the sites is certainly no better than hiring a bad freelancer from Fiverr. If you set your budget high, the situation may be worse.

If you are building a serious brand and spend more than $99…

Solution: is a cool site that runs cool concepts. You submit your request and then multiple contractors compete to win the job. You can view dozens of options and unique examples created specifically for your project, then just select the one you like best. If you like to choose, this is the absolute best choice.

Top 10 Fiver Best Practices
#1 saves information from Quality Gig

Once you have people you can trust, use them again. I have several performances at Fiver and I use it repeatedly. This saves me a lot of time and I can trust these people to deliver.

#2 Learn how much you actually got for $5

Now many performances are not 5 dollars. Technically, even a $5 concert is now $5.50, which has recently increased transaction costs. Some performances attract you to click, but offer less advertising than pre-promotion. Some are openly misleading than others. Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it is likely to be. The example on the right is obviously an exaggeration. The seller did say in the description that this actually took only 20 minutes of work, but this is still a rather misleading description.

This does not mean that Fiverr is not worth the extra cost. You only need to know what you are buying.

If someone works for you, find out if you need to buy a copyright to use it commercially, and be sure to check this before buying. These costs are usually not much. If your design work budget is large, I suggest you leave Fiverr and check the 99 designs in reverse.

#3 Clear requirements

I don’t think this sounds ugly, but it’s more likely that the people you work for on Fiver will lack the critical thinking concept of “walking up.”

Never think that freelancers know exactly what you want. Read the instructions you gave them and ask yourself “If I don’t know what the show is, do I understand this request?”

#4 Contact Freelancer Before Buying

This is especially important if you need a project soon. In any case, most Fiverr sellers ask you to do this.

#5 Create screen recordings and provide examples of similar jobs.

Pictures and videos are a great way for your freelancer to quickly meet their needs. If you want free tools, use, but if you want advanced services, check out Camtasia.

#6 Do not trust Fiverr(ers) to work within 24 hours.

If it is an emergency and must be completed as soon as possible, you should not trust anyone at Fiverr. I like Fiverr, but you can’t rely on everyone to provide it. This is not worth the risk. You will eventually be burned.

#7Read seller reviews

Do not expect to work much better than what the seller had provided in the past. I always look for a comment on whether the freelancer responds and finishes work on time.

#8 Leave honest feedback and consider tipping

When purchasing a concert at Fiver, you should observe proper etiquette. calm down. Now, if the performance is not as bad as advertising or the seller, then do not leave positive feedback. All buyers on Fiverr are committed to each other to ensure that we are freelancers responsible. Don’t feel guilty about leaving honest comments. If all buyers leave honest feedback when necessary, good performances will be successful and bad performances will be eliminated on their own.

If I stage a show and the freelancers far exceed my expectations, I will leave a total of 5 USD or 15% of the tip, whichever is higher. This is not necessary, but I always like good work and love to develop solid relationships.

#9 Do Not Outsource SEO

Fiverr outsourcing should not include SEO work. You should only trust SEO jobs for professionals. As I mentioned earlier, while many SEO fixes are “easy”, they are also very easy to mess up.

Here is a good article explaining why outsourcing cheap search engines will hurt long-term.

#10 Do not buy traffic, like, subscribers or reviews

This is not a high quality traffic. These fake fans will not build your brand or cause conversions. These are not real customers and doing so may undermine your credibility.

You may want to know…
“Why is it even important? Only five dollars?”

Maybe 5 dollars is not a big deal for you. I hope you will not cause or destroy you financially in a place of 5 dollars. You may know that not all performances are $5, but why even a $5 performance is very important.

Remember, when you buy shows at Fiver, you still spend your most precious resource: time. You either develop your business, either stand still or worst, destroy it. Sometimes, if you buy a bad show and don’t finish it completely, you will get worse.

Hiring a project and writing a fee as a loss is not just a $5+ loss, but the amount of time you have not completed a task that you consider important enough.

If you want to learn more about Fiverr and how it works, check out their official service terms.

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