March 30, 2018

How to publicize Fiverr Gigs and how to show my performance in Fiverr search?


Promote your Fiverr Gigs

Usually, Fiverr will not bring the traffic we want to see for our show, which will bring us some promotional activities. I have tried several strategies, and hope that the strategies I share will bring good results to you.

Usually, the hardest part is to get the first few positive reviews for your performance. Therefore, contacting your direct network may help.

Your direct network

Try the following place:

Facebook friends (or groups)

LinkedIn network

Friends and family

You can even send Fiverr member links to them, depending on the current promotional activities. They may give them a free show and give you a few yuan.

The key here is to actually provide the performance, and ask your service to get real feedback. The 5 star rating is good, but getting some tips that can help you improve your service is even better.


I have done a lot of promotion on twitter, and I have achieved good results. Twitter is excellent because it allows you to use labels to attract more audiences.

Spend some time on, and find some relevant labels for the target audience. Add your performance features, URL, labels and short action call in the tweets.

My favorite tool is TweetJukebox (called the social singing machine), which allows you to load up to 300 tweets in advance and then republish them at different intervals. Single tweets won’t get many views, but repeated posts will get better results.

Facebook group

Another good place to promote your service is through the Facebook group. Avoid’gig promotion’organization, because they are full of junk mail.

Just look for the types of personnel that can benefit from your service, and join the team that they will participate in.

For example, if you provide services that can help the author (proofreading, editing, formatting, e-book cover design, etc.), please try to join the “author” or “self release” group.

Comment regularly, but help, not just in your performance links. As long as you are helpful, friendly, not spam, related groups can introduce continuous business.

Other resources

I hope this answer will help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me, or I need to know these questions in detail.

I encourage you to read my book (free), including more tips on how to double your income.

I have been a member for a long time, but I only started selling in February 7th, and I am only on my anniversary. In my first 18 days, I created several performances, made some sales and won my 1 level badge. When I started, I didn’t know the way I was in Fiverr, but I felt I stood out in a very crowded category by combing the forums and really paying attention to the reasons for the success of other sellers. This is what I learned. I share it here, because if I saw it a month ago, it would save a lot of time.

1. great: deliver a great product. Customers need 5 dollars of pure sauce. If you don’t give them, they will go somewhere else. Fiverr has many mediocre seller spaces, but if you want to stand out, you need to be very, very good at your job. If you are not really, very good at your job, then you really need to get better.

2. very good: customer service. It sounds silly, but you have to convince your client that he or she is the most important person in the world. Fast communication, charming — you have to make them feel special and important, because the fact is they are: Fiverr’s life depends on positive reviews and repeat customers.

3., fast delivery: all customers want to be the first priority. Obviously, you can’t do this, so you should set up the shortest delivery time for 2 days so as to give yourself some room for a day when you are sick or have a very bad day. You can also choose whether to provide ultra fast service. I recommend that you do so, because you can set it anytime, anywhere. For example, two days’ standard delivery speeds up within a day. Or, the standard delivery is four days, the extra two days.

4., the last word: leave a unique feedback to every comment. Before buying anything, your shoppers always read your comments. This is the first opportunity for you to show them how to interact with their customers and, more importantly, how you will interact with them.

5., diversify your portfolio: if you don’t get your opinion, it’s probably because you only have one performance. Diversify your portfolio and create multiple performances in the same category. This will enable you to get more exhibitions and get more hits. Like professionals, invest in big nets to catch more fish. Besides, the strategy I use is to give my other 5 dollars performances as an extra income of 5 dollars. In other words, you can get a thorough understanding of the tarot readings through my presentation, but the cast will also show my 20 short readings, 10 readings, the last reading, and so on. This allows customers to see what I do, without clicking into my personal data, then clicking into my other performances. Cross promotion has helped my customers find what they want, even though they are not necessarily looking for it, which brings me more sales.

6., promote yourself: if you are a writer, create a blog and use it to publicize your Fiverr page. If you don’t like writing and enjoy speaking, please start podcasting. Or, if you like videos, please hold Google ring chat regularly, and use your YouTube channel. Focus on entertainment, personas, create or share interesting content. If you only use these platforms for sale, you will be overlooked soon.

7. refunds: no matter how much of the $5 in the world today, for many of us, it’s still the reason why we don’t want to risk a bad experience. I assure customers that I will respect their money. If I can’t order them correctly, I will refund them. Mutual cancellation is much better than negative evaluation. My customers appreciate it. I know I will not try to strengthen them. If the refund guarantee makes you nervous, remember, if your customers become confused and complaining, Fiverr will not shrink, they may cancel your order.

8. cold: if you do not order, you can leave a comment for customers in other sellers category. Send them invitations to get more information about your service, but please be as good as possible: an email cooling call is still spam, and no one likes spam. You have to be very charming to achieve this without offending customers. I haven’t tried this strategy yet, but I’ve seen other sellers use it on the forum, and other buyers usually don’t like it.

9. MATCHY-MATCHY: write down your performance to match all the titles, instructions and labels. At least one of the same keywords in all three regions will help you search ranking on Fiverr. In addition, if you provide a niche service, do not use only niche Tags: you can also use labels related to larger categories, so you can see more eyes.

10., a positive comment is gold: good reviews will build confidence and make customers more likely to buy. Take every opportunity to take care of your customers, and get 100% positive five-star reviews, and don’t start buying or creating false reviews. If your work is not outstanding, customers will see through fake reviews and find themselves filling their own concerts. Besides, when you are a new seller, you can get a special ranking from Fiverr, but as long as you start filling the concert with fake orders, you will lose the special ranking.

11. start on the right foot: when it comes to the special new sellers you get from Fiverr, be sure to finish all the things in your performance at the same time, from a good start. Don’t write a title, add a photo, write a description and publish it, because you will leave a bad first impression to the buyer. Write all the contents, choose all the photos, make a banner ad, record the video, write a pair of PDF files, select the label, and solve your temporary actor problem in advance so that it can be carried out smoothly when the performance is released.

12., write a great title: one of the best tools you can use to improve your attention and sales opportunities is meta analysis, which means analyzing multiple analyses. For example, look at many successful sellers in your category. How to write the title of the seller? Look at the keywords in the title and think about why they are there. Then, do the same thing for another successful seller in your category. Wait, until you start to see the pattern. If you want to do this in a simple way, you can use the online word cloud generator to summarize the titles of large sellers in all categories. You’ll see the pattern. There is a reason for choosing some words.

13., write an honest Title: about the title, please describe exactly what you will do for 5 dollars. As a buyer who wanted to design the logo, I bought the illustrators very dismayed, because they all did the same thing: insist that all buyers have to contact them first, and then do all the business orders according to the habit. This is an interesting shopping experience for me, because I don’t know what the seller knows in advance what the sellers are actually doing and what they are going to do at the price.

14., write a great Description: do the same thing for your performance description for the title. Which words are most common among a dozen or more successful sellers? These sellers do not work together, but a meta analysis will show that they have some common points. There is a reason for this. And it’s not just a word to copy another performance word, because it’s terrible. Is that okay?

15. group and report: in addition, please see the format and segmentation of the successful supplier’s presentation. People like lists, while successful sellers create a small piece of text, focusing on only one thing at a time.

16. grammar, spelling and editing: remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation and all other good things that create professional appearance. Your buyer may not be a good grammar nerd, but when they see it, they know poorly written ad copy. Fiverr is a market created primarily for English customers, whether it likes or dislikes, so its possibility is superimposed with non-native speakers. If you don’t believe in writing your own performance, find a person who can help — many people on Fiverr may help.

17. use everything: upload a banner picture. Upload video. Upload as many preview pictures as your performance will allow. Upload as many PDF files as possible as your performance allows, if you are not sure what to put in, please use them as an extension to describe the area of your performance, or to discuss what you do. Just add all the content, because the more the content you add to the performance, the more “complete” your performance will be for your buyer. In turn, the more likely your buyer is to know exactly what you can do for him or her.

18., how to write advertisements: as for activities outside of Fiverr, you can do advertising activities. Whatever you like, set your budget — 5 dollars per month, or even. Limit your ad group to only one group of keywords, and don’t stack one thousand keywords into an advertising group. Then, search the keywords in the advertising group by Google search, then look at the top advertisements. Top advertising is not a chance. People who write these ads spend a lot of money to get the results, so you can be sure they have a good recipe to follow. Copy these advertisements word by word, and edit them to be related to your keywords and lists. But actually, I no longer do advertising activities, because my experience is that clicks from Fiverr didn’t transform well. This may be different for people who offer different services, but for me? I ran a Google advertising series for a few weeks, resulting in lots of traffic and lots of hits, but no paying customers. Fiverr’s internal search and ranking system works well, so now I let it bring customers to me.

19., social media: the external customers from Fiverr are the result of social interaction on the platform I choose: Google+. That doesn’t mean that it is better or worse than Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is just my preference. But the problem is that the customers I met there have never seen advertisements, nor have they heard of marketing activities, because I used social networks: social and friendly. Trust me: people will want to know who you are, and they will make your personal data more. If you fill out your personal information and Fiverr links, traffic will follow.

20. FIVERR Forum: Fiverr forum is a strange place, but if you can filter rubbish, there are many good things and smart people here. If you need to communicate with the customer support, you have to create a ticket for them, but if you can find it, the community (like us) has a lot of knowledge and experience. If you don’t see it, ask a question — you may get a good answer.

21. is still the Internet: the theme of the community forum, it is worth mentioning that even if you are on the Fiverr, it is still the Internet, so you need to grow thick skin. People will say something you don’t like or disagree with, which does not necessarily violate the rules. Deal with it.

22. no sales? If you don’t get any sales, there’s a reason. If the problem is that you don’t get enough time to watch, you need to revise your title and add videos. However, if you get enough views and still not get any sales, the problem lies in your presentation and how you convey its value to the customer. Write it down from the customer’s point of view. For example, I am a storekeeper in astrology and fortune telling categories. My performance used to say, “I’m a professional storekeeper with 10 years of experience, I can answer any questions,” but it doesn’t attract customers because it talks about me and does not recognize the needs of customers. I changed my performance to read more: “I provide detailed, accurate and professional readings for love and romance; money and business; advice and guidance” and so on. This describes my service, the customer can understand my service, and emphasizes the reason why my client may find the psychological server.

23. security first: as others said before, by completing all the configuration file steps to ensure your account security: connect your FB and G +, set the password, and so on. This will not only help protect you from the hackers I have been told, but the customers will also see the information when they are reading your personal data (they will read your personal data). As a client, it makes me feel more confident and cooperates with 100% full archival sellers. In addition, as others say, if you are not sure what it is, please don’t open other Fiverrs’s e-mail attachments. So I was told that Fiverr already has (or is still?) Hackers, they will try to let you download an attachment, which is originally a key logger, so they can enter your account and debris lock.

24. there is no free work. To speak for myself, I refuse to do a free job. I don’t care if my client needs a card as a psychological test. I didn’t do it, because I was a seller, and I set the engagement clause. If this customer will bully me for free content without buying it, I can be sure that the customer will bully me for free content after the purchase, which I don’t want. When someone asks for free work, I will recommend them to my concert. Each actor has two PDF files to demonstrate what I have done. If they can’t make decisions based on these information, then I can’t help them do anything.

25. big payments? How much do you want to make in Fiverr? How much do you make in Fiverr? These things are different. If you feel frustrated with Fiverr, remember that competition in your category may reduce prices and raise customer expectations, so it should be adjusted accordingly. After all, even Fiverr takes itself as a part-time job, the freelancer’s way of life is promoted to the seller, not full-time job (although some successful people have gained this). Remember, customers are willing to pay a higher price for sellers. To build a strong positive comment combination, your ability to charge higher prices will increase accordingly.

26. buyer request: in the current layout of the Fiverr site, if you navigate to the top right corner and hover the mouse in the name and gray arrow, you will see a drop-down list. From there, choose “my sale” to open up a new part. At the bottom of the new drop-down list, you will see the word “buyer request”. This is the invitation of the buyer to send the seller to send the invitation. For graphic designers, illustrators, narrators, illustrators, writers and data import sellers, this place is a gold mine. For me? Not so much… But I still check it everyday.

27. MISOGYNY does not sell. I don’t think I have to say so, but some rubbish in the forum has changed my mind. Listen, men: in the Fiverr forum, it’s not just offensive and tasteless to objectification on your personal data or in your concert. It also lets you lose sales. If you don’t understand why women are objectified, I can’t explain to you, because I don’t have time or patience to educate boys. Please note that female customers are voting with their dollars and giving their businesses to the sellers, because women’s respect is not just about their appearance.

28. no COPYCATS. I think I mentioned earlier, but it’s worth saying again: when you are anxious to create excellent performances and start selling, do not copy other sellers’ performances. Do not copy. Don’t do that. It’s not good to copy. When the original seller finds out what you have done – and the original seller will find – and report to you for the customer support, it is not only completely rude and completely dishonest, not only your performance will be canceled, but your entire account may be closed. Besides, unless you can provide the same quality as the original seller, the performance will not be in line with your service, and the customer will publish honest and possible negative comments. Don’t copy the performance. Do not copy. Don’t do that. It’s not good to copy.

29. the change is good. To add a sentence, “this work will teach you how to do it”. Fiverr’s internal search and ranking system runs very well, so if you don’t get any orders in a few days, the chance is good because you have something to do. Play the title, change the video, and re describe the instructions. No matter what you do, you need to pay attention to what is feasible and do more. It takes a while to occupy a place on Fiverr. If you pay attention to details, the platform will teach you how to use it. Try new things. When you see effective things, write them down. The change is also good, because, as for preview video, Fiverr provides more search and display times for the show through the latest updated videos. To get the best result, update your video every month.

30. do not crack down on support. If there is a problem in your performance, or your account has problems, or the buyer left a completely unfounded negative evaluation, or some other Awful Thing that can only be repaired by a Fiverr fixed device will happen, then this time will inevitably come. Customer support department. Chances are very good. You will be upset about that and have a good chance. Those customer service representatives with tickets do not want to deal with it. These people are your lifeline, so show them some respect.

31. sleep, sleep head. Customers like their performance very quickly, and I know the last time I check my email is just before I go to bed, just to find a few orders in the inbox. It’s great – I like to get orders – but I’ve learned from my personal experience that the only thing the customers like most is to get their performance quickly. It’s a good time. If you are tired of it and exceed your bedtime, the quality of your work will be affected. Unless your customer is a bastard (and nothing can be solved), he or she will understand that you have to go to sleep so that you can finish their work and be vigilant and refreshed. If you offer a bad job in the name of fast delivery, you will lose a potential return customer and may even evaluate the order at a four star or lower level. So respect your limits, remember that you can work for a period of time, and then have time to sleep.


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