March 31, 2018

How to hire a freelancer to make company logo

How to hire a free logo designer? Read this.

There have been many discussions about the Prolificacy of cheap and fast logo design companies and free logo design companies. Usually, they are separated from independent and experienced free logo designers.

How to hire a freelancer to make company logo

However, when using common sense search terms, such as’logo design’,’logo designer’, ‘hire freelance logo designers’, and’ professional logo design ‘, they always appear at the top of Google search. The way they use to achieve such a significant ranking is at least “suspicious”.

It’s a hard process to hire freelance graphic designers.

This is the source of this article. This is a difficult process to try to find the right logo designer based on your needs, and this process will become more difficult when you have to negotiate and filter the logo design of the “battery farm”. You may be looking for some kind of designer or looking for a company in your location.

However, no matter what you search for in Google, you face a lot of search results that focus on the latest marketing topics: ‘free logo design’, ‘create your own logo online free of charge’,’300% guarantee ‘,’ professional logo design, 19.99 pounds in 24 hours, ‘green copper bags’,’ Silver ‘,’ carbon fiber containing titanium and lunar rock dust ‘and so on.

Do not be inhaled.

I should add that not all options can be avoided, far from it. But this is a problem. Some of these unpopular people try to make people look respectful and often succeed, which is the hardest part of a freelancer trying to sell and sell himself, and it is the hardest challenge to find. The real, genuine, passionate logo designer will not have any money or bold attempt to work with Google and these faker logo companies.

The search and you will be rewarded.

Gold rush on the home page of Google

All of these search results seem to be on the first page, and you may be lucky and find a respectable logo design company that surrounds these “swindlers”, but it helps to understand what you’re looking for. Unless you are familiar with graphic design and have internal tracking in logo design industry, you may find that someone is out.

You may end up feeling exhausted and frustrated in search, and give up and choose to cooperate with the design company you want to deliver. The promise of unlimited adjustment of titanium packaging, which is designed within 24 hours, costs 49.99 pounds very low, seems very good. It’s really not worth it.

Please remember that many of these so-called logo design companies offer silly low prices, not even in Europe. They give people the impression that Europe or Americans are simply and cheeking. They used the black hat SEO practice to get the home page Google ranking, they played games in the system. These people are criminals by the sweat shop operation to complete your work, these people are criminals, do not care about your identity or design.

It’s just your money.

Where does it start?

First of all, if you have a basic understanding of the importance of logo or brand logo to your company or business, this will help. Even if you are a consultant or an individual, a solid and appropriate logo design is very important. If you don’t choose well, you may eventually have a logo design, which will actually damage your own business chances. This is a crucial point.

So it’s the person you pay for. Will it become a non – visible, non – Design hobby network company, or will it become a talented and approachable free logo designer to get your logo design contract?

A sign is like a personality

Treat them as if they are alive. They have a soul. Yes, they have an identity. It is said that logo design can be called brand identification rather than coincidence. This is indeed the identity of the company designed here.

In order to effectively design it, it requires a talented logo and brand logo designer who has the ability to listen to the customer’s needs and place itself in the customer’s customer’s shoes. If you understand what I mean. 🙂

You need a designer who is proud of their work. Not a night’s false feeling.

Your logo needs to have the personality that reflects the information you want to convey. Logo design is usually the first visual clue of a company or your company that potential customers or customers will see. The first impression at this stage is the most important.

Don’t want to patronize you, for me, it’s safe to say that you are looking for a logo design, because you have a company or enterprise making money, paying bills, maintaining cars and feeding families on your own? So, do you have the sense that you can at least bring the best start of life to this important venture capital? If you can’t plague the potential customers and customers how to treat you at this critical stage, what’s your opinion about you and your priorities?

If you hear how people say how you dress, how you do your hair, your music choice, what you are based on, and from your unique personality, you feel uneasy. We don’t like being criticized. This is the same as your company’s identity. It is regarded as a person with feelings and personalities.

Dress it up correctly and respect it, it will work for you. Buy cheap ugly clothes, crash and wear quickly, and it will wither and die.

When these first impressions are so important, investing in professional and talented logo designers is worthwhile. A designer or company intuitively understands the importance of unique and available logo design for company’s success.

I will also add that not all of the talented logo designers have been out of a lot of experience, and many have a natural talent and ability to listen, absorb and visualize the needs of the customers.

So don’t neglect the logo designers of the younger generation. Of course, they have ambitions. They have passion and relentless desire.

Sign design should not be flush

If you are looking for a logo that will be completed within a few days, the overall development will usually be affected. Similarly, if you are keen on a sign that you want to spend as little as possible, but expect grand events, usually this is a difficult situation.

The old saying is more applicable than that here, “you get what you give.”

Most major brand agents take months and months to develop effective brand identities, usually taking 6 months or longer. This is not uncommon.

Where am I going to go? Simple. A solid logo design can not be impacted, and because it can not be impacted, so it is reasonable, it will not pay any cost. Identification and identity need to be studied in some form, and the level of research depends on the company.

Any discipline that needs any disciplined time will spend money.

Avoid more than 100 pounds of logo design

So we put time in context, and then we need to chat about money.

The ‘free online logo design company’, mentioned above the logo of 100 pounds below the design ‘battery farm’ is far from suitable for a truly unique and professional brand logo. This is a simple fact. If you take seriously your business success, anything super fast is the best.

If you don’t take seriously the success of the new business, continue to go cheap. But don’t expect nothing.

This is a false economy, and use the cheapest (less than 100 pounds) and the fastest (less than 24 hours) logo company to damage your corporate image. It is also not responsible for any logo designer / company boasting that they can design signs for you in 100 hours (24 hours). This design level is usually referred to as clip art, and you may be able to work better by looking at the inventory picture website. Well, I’m joking, but not too much.

LogoDesignLove has many articles about the value of logo design, and how much it costs. Jacob Cass wrote a great article why the logo design didn’t cost 5 dollars.


The less the overall budget, the less time the designer can study, which will provide you with truly unique and meaningful signs.

To treat this sign, this crazy thing calls your brand identity investment rather than cost. Money spent on signs should not be placed together, because wood decay will cause the cost of maintaining your loft beam.

Logo design is your own successful investment.

So some general suggestions

The best advice I can give is not to sounded, ‘use me, use me’ is not to rush to any part of this process. If you really lack time, then the first option is probably the Savior you need.


Suggestions are valuable if you know someone has designed a logo and then asked their names.


When you get to the end of the first page, don’t give up looking for Google. I can assure you that if you spend time browsing the pages of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and later, you will see some happy logo designers. Everyone has its own unique style and method.

Just because logo designers don’t appear on the first page of your favorite search engine, of course, it doesn’t mean they should be ignored. It can’t be further away from the truth, in fact, on the contrary.

Google ranking and poor ranking do not reflect the credibility, skills and reputation of logo designers.

I know many talented designers, or even in the top 20 search results. So be sure to keep this in mind.

Now, you need a doctor’s degree in advanced quantum theory, even approaching Google’s beast. Unfortunately, Google is still a victim, and has the ability to grab all the best ranking gang targeted. Being a talented logo designer is not enough to ensure your search engine ranking is high, but unfortunately, this way is not effective. This means that people must dig deeper into those scarce and scarce commodities, and once they are found, they will stick to it.

Try different search words and phrases, rather than too often “logo designer”. Sadly, ‘professional’ is abused by these ‘logo battery farms’, and the results you should get are diluted.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on or trust Google at all, to provide you with accurate and honest search results.

A good fit

This is a matter of trying to find a logo designer that is very suitable for you, not only from the perspective of personality, but also from personality perspective. The more you are able to unite with designers, the better the whole process is, and the more likely you are to let the logo designer prepare for you to stoop back.

The designer’s level of commitment cannot be purchased. This is a kind of partnership.


A designer who is ready to talk on the phone is relatively transparent in communication and contact, which is a positive signal, but not all designers can or will spend hours on their clients. It’s up to you to find a designer that works for you. You may not have to talk about progress by telephone conversation, or you may need this level of feedback and interaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to designers. After all, you are paying. It’s reasonable that you choose someone you feel satisfied with.

investment portfolio

It’s important to check the designer portfolio. They may have a natural style that suits your business personality. If that’s the case, then it’s good. But do not immediately dismiss designers based on their portfolios. In the final analysis, you need to communicate the design type and the type of business you are in.

Then designers should be able to tell if they can show you this particular style. Accepting a project that they feel they will struggle is not in their best interest. Honesty is important.


It is shocking that it almost can not hide the complex inside and outside, trying to find a logo and identity designer. This is very simple. You can find someone in your first search. If not, then don’t despair, there are many of our logo types.

Many logo designers are keen social media fans, actively contributing to the design community, writing and publishing on their own blogs, chatting with other like-minded designers on Twitter and Facebook.

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